High Performance Erlang - Finding Bottlenecks in a CouchDB Cluster #1

    Welcome to High Performance Erlang!

    High Performance Erlang is a series for developers who want to deliver the best user experience for their applications. We will take a look at different Erlang Open Source projects and improve their performance. The articles are based on real world issues and explains how we fixed them.


    Software development in Cuba

    Some weeks ago I was attending the Python Unconference in Hamburg. It was an amazing community event, I had a lot of fun and met many awesome people. Pablo, an Open Source enthusiast from Cuba gave a keynote about the state of software development, Open Source and the web in Cuba. In Cuba the daily life and software development is quite different to Germany or the US. There is no mobile web, there is no internet at home. There are a few exceptions given you work in health care or education, but it is not the majority. Repeat after me: no internet at home, no mobile web. The usual way you can access the internet is at work or in the university.


    What happened while contributing to Open Source on a daily basis for one year

    I recently achieved a 356 day GitHub streak and I wanted to blog why I started to commit every day and what it changed in my life.

    The rules I had for making a contribution were easy:


    How to organize an event?

    Andy and I recently organized the first CouchDB Day in Hamburg. Having more CouchDB Days would be quite awesome, but Andy and me work as volunteers in our spare time and we don’t scale that much :) - same for the JS Unconf that I am organizing. In this blog-post.hbs I want to share some insights regarding the organization of events. In general this guide is not limited to CouchDB or JavaScript - you can switch it with every other Open Source project or topics related to IT.


    Choosing the right stack: why we chose Hapi, CouchDB and Ansible

    Since 2014 we are organizing the JS Unconf. The edition for 2015 takes place in Hamburg on the 25th and 26th of April and tickets are currently on sale. It’s an Unconference with the main focus on JavaScript and Node.js but also community, health, workflow and workplace (and many more!) are topics. The two mornings of the event everyone attending will vote on each talk submitted. The team then creates a schedule based on the talks which got the most votes.


    Let’s learn Erlang and fix a bug on a CouchDB Cluster #1

    Let’s learn Erlang is a series where I will try to teach some Erlang by explaining patches that we will write together. I am trying to explain everything but feel free to check out http://learnyousomeerlang.com/content which is an excellent book to start learning Erlang.


    Analysis of the package.json data in the npm registry

    Today I had a look on the metadata in the npm registry which currently contains 48248 modules.

    I was interested in the most used licenses and if there are many modules which do not reference a repository in their package.json

    The most used licenses in the npm registry are the less permissive ones:


    so coded conference

    Almost two weeks ago I visited the so coded conference. It was the first so coded, so I was pretty excited what would happen. Some days before the conference an envelope arrived, containing confetti, a glueable fake-mustache(!) and my ticket. Wow!

    The conference was on Thursday and Friday and was located in Bergedorf, which is more on the outskirts of Hamburg than in the inner city (20 minutes per city train). But happy me, my ticket of the so coded conference also counted as a ticket for the whole short-range public transportation of hamburg, really a great idea!


    Say hello to multiple Redis session stores in Connect/Express

    I am happily hosting an open source side project at Nodejitsu, a JavaScript Job Board, mainly for the german market. The project itself uses Redis (provided by Iris Couch Redis) and MongoDB. One morning I discovered that my app was not available, throwing a 500 error.

    What happenened?

    I am using a free instance of the Iris Couch Redis accounts one can use with a Nodejitsu account for my session handling. This day the connection between Nodejitsu and Iris Couch was out of order and the result was my Express app crashing.


    In english please?

    As more than the half of my visitors are english speaking persons, I will start to blog in english from today. The old german articles will still be accessible, but new articles will be in the english language.